At Lugareño we still make our dry sausages in the traditional way, by cooking then curing them.

Aromatic spices (a different blend for each style of sausage) and wine are combined with the ground pork. The resulting picadillo is left overnight for the flavors to develop and the rhythm of the natural fermentation and preservation to begin.

Next day we stuff the mixture into natural casings. The sausages are twisted into ‘links’ then looped over racks to be wheeled into the smokehouse oven. In the olden days, they were often smoked inside the farmhouse chimney.

The drying rooms are a spectacular sight - row upon row of sausages ranged on racks so that the slow, unhurried curing process can take place. It takes between 5 to 28 days to cure Chorizo, Cantimpalo, Salchichon and Chorizón. The slow curing process helps preserve the sausages and locks in the flavor.

Top two images: ICEX - Institute of Foreign Trade, Spain

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