Lugareño brand is among the most popular in the Latin-flavored city of Miami, on sale in big supermarket chains and the bodegas, neighborhood groceries of Little Havana, in restaurants and hotels.
Washington Post

At the next Spanish Fair, Lugareño Brand can be found amongst the true Spanish participants because of the authenticity of their chorizo.
El Nuevo Herald - Negocios (Miami Herald)

Lugareño products are staples in the Hispanic kitchen, in paellas and stews and for other main course dishes as well as for snacking. They are the best!
Deli Business

Lugareño Brand's Superior Spanish Sausages named the official chorizos in the "Taste of the Caribbean" chef's competition. The sausages include Cantimpalo, Salchichón, Chorizón and Chorizo.
American Food and Ag Reporter

Lugareno Brand is brand leader in the Latin flavored city of Miami with its 67% Cuban population. The dancing pigs of the logo are to be found in all the major supermarket chains, the little bodegas and liqorerias. The good news is that Lugareno products have migrated to other parts of America.
Meat Processing

The sausages that are synonymous with class!
El Nuevo Herald (Miami Herald)

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