CHORIZO {chor-REE-so}

The robust pork sausage of Spain with the mucho gusto zesty taste and aroma.

Finest smoked paprika is added to the chopped pork for distinctive color and flavor. We cook our Chorizos for 3 hours and cure them for 5 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lugareño Brand chorizos are ‘linked’ in natural casings, which helps lock the flavor in.

All our Lugareño Brand products are ready-to-eat. They are ready to cook with, too. Add sliced chorizo to omelet, scrambled eggs or potatoes and create a brilliant breakfast. Choripan is the ‘hot dog’ of the Latin world - slices of sizzling chorizos and onions sandwiched inside a long Cuban or French bread - millions eaten every day! Cook chunks of chorizo in hearty home-made bean soups called cocidos; with chicken and yellow rice; and in sturdy stews.

Chorizo Twin-Pack
Net Weight: 3 oz


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